We are licensed to perform
structural work on your home

Neligan Construction and Roofing has been providing top quality residential construction services in Jacksonville Florida since 1998. We specialize in exterior home remodeling and have served our client’s needs from Fernandina to Palm Coast, including Ponte Vedra, St. Augustine and JAX beach.

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Neligan Construction and Roofing is licensed to perform structural repairs on your home

state certified building contractor

We are a state certified building contractor

Neligan Construction and Roofing is a state certified building contractor. This means we are licensed to perform structural repairs to rafters, joists, and trusses. Roofing contractors cannot legally complete structural work in the state of Florida.

Residential Construction in Jacksonville

For over two decades, the Neligan team has focused on exceeding our customers’ construction expectations.

Let us help turn your Home Renovation dream into a reality.

We are totally committed to providing Jacksonville homeowners with cost-effective home improvement solutions along with exceptional workmanship, regardless of the size or scope of the project.

Our Exterior Residential Construction in Jacksonville

Custom built decks

Structural repairs from
tree related damages

Metal fascia wraps,
soffits and gutters

Room additions

Fascia boards and
rafter board repairs

Roofing repairs and

(WDO) Repair Contractor

Wood Destroying
Organism (WDO) Repair Contractor

As the name suggests, dry wood termites feed on dry wood products that are not necessarily at or even near ground levels. They can also remain hidden within wooden structures. Whereas subterranean termites will create nests in the soil usually close to wood structures, within close proximity to a readily available water source.

Carpenter ants can also cause a lot of damages to Jacksonville homes, and they like soft or water damaged wood. Once an effective elimination protocol has been implemented, it is then time to replace damaged fascia boards, and other wood framing.

Neligan Construction and Roofing is a wood destroying organism Repair Contractor. It is imperative to quickly repair damages caused by termites or other wood destroying organisms.

Neligan provides (WDO) and wood repair services for clients in Ponte Vedra Beach, Jacksonville Beach, St. Augustine, Fernandina, as well as the greater Jacksonville areas.

Rodents like squirrels and mice can also cause significant damages to your home.

Neligan Construction

Our roofing proposals always include the following options:

Installation of rodent shields at soffit returns.

Squirrel protection screens at lead plumbing vent flashings