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Realtor Roof Inspections – Jacksonville Fl

Roof inspections when properly performed can save buyers, sellers, and their agents from having to deal with unnecessary complications. Very few residential home inspectors will have the knowledge, and or qualifications to perform a comprehensive roof evaluation. The same holds true for a lot of roofing contractors, that don’t specialize in roof consultations. Your client may pay a steep price for hiring someone who turned out to be inexperienced in this area. Whether you are representing the seller or buyer, there is a very real risk of the negotiation process going south due to a faulty initial assessment. For the most reliable realtor roof inspections in Northeast Florida, including Pensacola, call Neligan Construction and Roofing today. We also provide realtor roofing services in Ponte Vedra, JAX Beach, St. Augustine, and Palm Coast.

Roof Inspections – Avoiding Real Estate Deal Breakers 

Unbeknownst to you, your client hires an unqualified individual to perform a pre-listing roof evaluation. The contractor performs a quick inspection, noting minor damages that they encounter. They then inform your client that only a few repairs are required. After the repair work is completed, they state that the home is ready to go on the market. A prospective buyer shows interest in your client’s home and hires a qualified roof inspector to examine the roof. The buyer then presents a photo-documented report that differs greatly from the opinion of the initial “home inspector”. The buyer may simply walk away from the purchase if they feel that they are dealing with misleading information.

Roof inspections are best handled by a trained roofing consultant, not a salesperson, or a home inspector. As a dedicated realtor, you want what is best for your clients. We work for you to ensure their best interests are taken care of. When you require a professional accurate roof system analysis, we’re here to help. At Neligan Construction and Roofing, the guesswork is eliminated. We provide real-time inspection reports with photographic evidence. Let us remove the blockade causing unnecessary delays by streamlining the negotiation process. 

Roof Inspections for Jacksonville, Fl Realtors

Our detailed Roof Inspection Reports start at 125.00 and include the following:

  • Interior analysis, if required, to examine walls and ceilings for water damage.
  • Examine the perimeter of the property, noting hail or other damages to the gutters, downspouts or siding.
  • Inspect the attic space for intake ventilation, decking damages, water stains, and signs of mold and mildew.
  • Climb up onto the roof to complete a thorough roof system analysis – No drones required!
  • Determine gutter condition, and look for buildup of debris, or downspout blockage that may lead to drainage problems.

Neligan Construction and Roofing, has been providing photo-documented, roof inspection reports for Realtors in Northeast Florida for over twenty years.

You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers. Give us a call. We will definitely exceed your expectations!

A Roof Inspection to Reveal Defects

Our in-depth analysis will uncover the following potential deficiencies:

  • Blistered, curled, or split shingles
  • Nail punctures and low or exposed nails
  • Loose, missing, and torn shingles
  • Hail and or wind damages to shingles or other membranes
  • The condition of the exhaust ventilation system or lack thereof
  • Gas vent pipes, collars, and rain caps, and plumbing vent flashings
  • Roof decking deterioration
  • Loose, missing, or rusted metal flashing
  • Manufacturers defects and installation errors
  • Product deficiencies, and workmanship issues

Professional Real Estate Roof Inspection Services

Your Neligan Construction and Roofing consultant will always provide a photo-documented analysis. We are also able to supply written analytical reports as needed. With this information actual repair, and or replacement, budget costs can be validated. As well an estimated useful service life can be established. And we are the experts when it comes to wind, hail, and water damage inspections.


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