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Roof and Siding Hail Damage Repairs Jacksonville Fl

A roof hail damage claim is best handled by an insurance restoration consultant that works for you. It just makes good sense to deal with a local company that operate with integrity; one that has a vested interest in the communities that they serve.
For these professionals doing the right thing for their friends and neighbors comes naturally.
The storm chasers, well not so much.

Don’t fall for the storm chasers’ scams. These con artists manipulate homeowners already feeling vulnerable and distraught after their home has been damaged by a storm.

You need to do your research to ensure your dealing with a legitimate restoration specialist. You do not want to do business with someone masquerading as one.

When a storm chaser visits the vulnerable, they are likely to fall victim to their schemes. You don’t want to be like the thousands of homeowners who have entrusted storm chasers with their roofing repairs or replacements, only to be cheated. Some of them even convince their trusting customers to sign an assignment of benefits contract.
Assignment of Benefits (AOB) is an agreement that transfers the insurance payouts directly to a contractor.

Never take part in this scam, you as the building owner must always be in full control of any Insurance related claim.

When you need a storm damage inspection professional – call Neligan Construction and Roofing to get the results you deserve.


Hail Damage Claim Consulting – Neligan Protection and Awareness Campaign
Neligan Construction and Roofing specializes in consulting; and this includes properly handling roof and exterior hail damage claims. We fully understand the insurance restoration process. Our goal is to see that you get back to a pre-loss condition as quickly as possible. Also, if your roof hail damage is very minor we may just advise against filing an insurance claim.

Roofing related scams are a very lucrative business for unprofessional con-artist contractors.
|Many homeowners are tempted to go with the services of the first storm chaser that knocks on their door. And quite often the situation then goes from bad to worse.
They use very aggressive sales tactics, especially once they sense that someone is confused about how to properly handle a roof hail damage claim.
A large number of storm chasers will prey on the elderly and the uninformed. Also, they may offer to replace your roof at no cost – some will even offering to pay all or a part of your deductible.
Any offer presented for a “free roof” is insurance fraud and a scam. Also, homeowners are required to pay their deductible portion for an insurance claim – any roofer that offers to waive or pay any part of your deductible is committing insurance fraud.

Here are a few more helpful tips that will help you avoid doing business with someone masquerading as an established and legitimate roofing contractor:

  • Always research any company before signing a contract and insist on references, a list of local projects they’ve successfully completed and look for consistent credible on-line reviews from a variety of sources.

The criteria necessary to choose an honest and reliable roofing company is often overlooked – Do your own extensive research!

  • The company you ultimately choose must be financially stable

Good references need to be provided. Avoid a company with a poor on-line presence with regards to reviews

  • Ensure there is an established business location or office

Insist on an extended manufacturing warranty

  • Research the company to find out if they’ve changed names or ownership several times

Qualify the roofing representative to determine if you are dealing with a salesman or a trained roofing consultant. Many untrained so-called inspectors do not know what real hail damage is.

  • A qualified roof consultant will always provide photo-documented real time evidence

It is vital to understand the entire claims process and the contract you will be signing

  • Always get proof of adequate liability and or workers compensation insurance

Should I File a Hail Damage Insurance Claim in Jacksonville?
Often times an adjuster will deny a claim if the damage to your property is limited. For this reason it is best to work with a consultant that truly has your best interests in mind.

We do not want to see your rates increase, or a policy change that will negatively affect your current coverage. These are but as few of the outcomes that the con-artists will never mention.
At Neligan Construction & Roofing your needs come first and we will be with you every step of the way.

 You need a dedicated roof consultant to help you navigate through the entire insurance process. To ensure a proper and quick recovery the extent of your wind and hail damage must first be established.
Sometimes your claims adjuster will not accurately capture all of the damages that have occurred.
That is why more often than not it is necessary to pursue a supplemental request. This is required for labor and materials that the insurance adjuster, who is handling your claim, may have overlooked.
We work with former insurance adjusters who will put together a scope of work that accurately reflects the true replacement cost of your insurance claim.

Forget the storm chasers, you need an insurance restoration specialist that will work for you.
Call Neligan Construction & Roofing today, we will help you get back to a pre-loss condition quickly.

  • The insurance restoration process will be explained clearly
  • Legal ways to offset your deductible are discussed if needed
  • The importance of manufacturer warranties will be outlined
  • A roof hail damage claim is only recommended if it is your best interest
  • You will be provided with an estimated time on when your project will be completed
  • Your replacement contract will be detail oriented

We will always protect your best interests, it’s just what we do – and we do it really well.


  • When a storm hits you need a reliable, trusted and established roofing contractor that will work for you. Our client’s place a lot of trust in us, and this is not something we take for granted.
  • Neligan Construction & Roofing, LLC is an “Award Winning” Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor.
  • We have been accredited with the BBB since 2003 and have an A+ Rating
  • Trusted construction and roofing services since 1998 and a Guild Quality Award Winning Contractor, with a 5 Star rating with Google, and an A Rating with Angie’s List.
    Neligan has three office locations to serve you:
    • 910 11th Avenue South Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250  904-247-3777
    • 450 State Road 16 St Augustine, FL 32084                        904-568-8722
    • 1804 Grundy St. Pensacola, FL 32507 850-888-0229

It is always best to work with a roofing company that is certified by one of the major shingle manufactures. This will enable you to purchase extended warranties for material defects and workmanship.

You also deserve a dedicated roof consultant that will help you navigate through the entire insurance process, in order to ensure a proper and quick recovery.

Roofing and construction services with your best interests – “It’s what sets us apart”  

By providing real-time data that is photo-documented you can visualize what we observe without ever having to set foot on a roof.

You should contact your insurance provider if the damage to your home warrants a claim.

  • But if you are unsure about the severity of the damage, call in the experts!

Don’t take chances with a fast talking salesman that has very little credibility. We have helped local clients who’ve fallen victim to the tactics of a shady roofing company. The reason why – we have a vested interest in the communities we live in and serve.

 “Call today and experience the Neligan difference – A Trusted Name Since 1998”


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