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Neligan Construction and Roofing is a certified GacoFlex roof coating applicator. This means we can provide our residential and commercial clients with extended product warranties direct from the manufacturer.

Our trained Neligan roof coating technicians can handle roof leak repairs, as well as full roof restorations. And the solvent free 100% silicone coating line by GacoFlex is a cost-effective alternative to expensive and disruptive roof replacements.

GacoFlex manufactures their own products and they’ve been in the coating business for over six decades. As well the newest, or 4th generation of silicone coatings, is a one part application. The primer and top coat are now applied in one easy step.

Neligan Construction Residential Silicone
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Residential Silicone
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Neligan Construction and Roofing provides roof coating to residential client’s from Fernandina to Palm Coast, including Ponte Vedra, St. Augustine and JAX beach.

The primary roof types that are candidates for silicone coatings in the residential market are modified bitumen and metal roof systems.

Modified roofs without any positive slope should definately be protected with GacoFlex, as ponding water will shorten the useful service life of this product. As well a modified roof assembly will need an acrylic base coat to prevent bleed through of the oils used in the manufacturing process.

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Construction and Roofing Services

Commercial GacoFlex Roof
Coating Applicator

When it comes to roof coatings, not all products are created the same. And the Jacksonville silicone roof coating applicator that you choose must also be exceptional.

What sets Neligan Construction and Roofing apart is our consultant approach towards true roof asset management.

We will always provide real-time data that is photo-documented. This is an essential part of any commercial roof inspection analysis.

Not all aged metal, single ply or built up roofs are good candidates for a restoration coating. Your trained consultant will always put your needs first and will never suggest a silicone coating for a roofing system that truly needs to be replaced.

However, if a silicone coating is applicable, the life cycle costs of your roof system can be greatly reduced. What’s more, a secondary coating can extend the warranty of the initial application

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Why Choose Neligan Construction and Roofing?

Why Choose Gaco Flex for
your Silicone Roof Coating Products?

You’re in good hands with Neligan Construction & Roofing, LLC.

GacoFlex developed the first silicone coating in 1990

No ponding water exclusions

Warranties up
to 50 Years

Product will
remain permanently flexible

Warranties can
be extended with a second application