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A roof leak repair service technician that has many years of practice in the art of leak detection, will be able to properly diagnose your water infiltration concerns.

The source of an exterior leak is not always easy to detect.
If you are unable to identify the cause of the roof leak immediately, do not waste your precious time.

That leaking roof signals trouble. If you don’t stop it right away, it can cause significant interior damages. Water infiltration can also cause roof system failure and costly decking repairs.

Avoid the unnecessary frustration by contacting Neligan Construction and Roofing today. We have been stopping roof leaks for our client’s from Fernandina to Palm Coast, including Ponte Vedra, St. Augustine and JAX beach. When you require roof or exterior repair services in Jacksonville, we are here to help.


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Questions for us

What Questions
Should You Ask Your
Jacksonville Roof Repair Contractor?

There are several crucial questions you should you ask a Florida roofing contractor before signing any contract.

It is important to verify that the company you are considering is established. Also, once you have the companies registered name it is easy to determine how long they have been in business.

This is an essential question to ask when a sales rep knocks on your door, uninvited, asking to do a free inspection. Contact the Florida Secretary of State to determine how long a particular Jacksonville roofing company has been in business. Click HERE for that link.

It is extremely important to make sure your roofing contractor is properly insured. They must have both liability insurance and a proper worker’s compensation policy that is current.

As well they must be licensed to do roofing, and remember roofing companies in Jacksonville can not perform structural repairs.

A properly trained roofing specialist will provide you with a detailed roof analysis report that is photo-documented. This will eliminate the guesswork.

Before signing any contract for roof leak repairs or replacements, understand exactly what work will be performed.

Consumer complaints with regards to home improvements and construction are at the top of the list according to most consumer protection agencies. Solid references and consistent reviews from a variety of sources are what you want to look for.

Jacksonville Roof
Leak Repair Costs

If you have water infiltration and want quick and reliable results, hire an experienced expert. As for the
cost of a typical roof leak repair, oftentimes it is a lot less than you might expect. This is especially true
when it is fixed right the first time.

You want cost-effective solutions and accurate estimates, and we provide all of that for you. We have over twenty years of experience in detecting and tracing all sorts of water intrusion issues. And, we provide photo-documented reports.
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roof repair near me
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Roof Repair

A Trusted Jacksonville
Roof Leak Repair Company

There are some roof leaks that are fairly easy to identify, but even then, most people require the assistance of a trained professional for lasting results.

More often than not, tracing the source of the leak is just not a simple task. For instance, detecting an active leak is easy enough, but noticing stains on the ceiling and then trying to trace it back to its source is not always possible without years of hands on experience.

Those irritating water drips and ceiling stains definitely signify that there is water infiltration. But it takes a trained professional to determine if the cause is your roof, siding or windows for example. That is why it may be necessary for you to contact a roof consultant to solve your roof repair issues.

It is sometimes possible for you to trace the leak while it is raining, but by waiting you will also risk further damages to your property. You can’t leave the leak to fate, hoping for the weather to favor you…

Also, if repairs are made with the wrong materials and they fail to solve the problem, this can cost you more in the long run.

The best solution in this scenario is to call in the experts. We will isolate the source of the leak, and then offer a concise and photo-documented report of our findings.

It is usually not a good idea to locate and repair roof leaks on your own. Sometimes, by attempting to repair them yourself, the situation goes from bad to worse. Also, if you are not experienced with ladders or steep roof slopes, this can be very dangerous.

When we can provide you with economical solutions, why take the risk of repairing roof leaks yourself? You have us for that!

At Neligan Construction and Roofing, we will never recommend a full roof replacement if an inexpensive fix is your better option.

Likewise, if your roof has reached the end of its useful life, we will advise against unnecessary and costly repairs.

If you are looking for a Jacksonville Fl Roofing Company that provides lasting results instead of excuses, we are your go to option.