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Neligan Roof Construction

Specializing in Owens Corning 130 MPH wind rated architectural dimensional shingles as well as all types of metal roofing for your roof replacement needs.

As Certified Platinum Owens Corning contractors, we have to go through special testing and are held accountable by the manufacturer in many ways to maintain that certification. And as Platinum contractors, we can offer the limited lifetime warranty backed by Owens Corning that not only covers shingles, but the other Owens Corning roof system components AND labor and haul off!  Only Platinum Certified contractors are allowed to offer that warranty!

Also we can install new skylights while re-roofing your home.

How Much Does a New Roof Cost?

How Much Does a New Roof Cost?

This question comes up often and unfortunately there is no hard and fast answer other than, "It Depends". Factors that affect the price of a roof vary according to the type of roof such as asphalt shingle roof, metal roof, tile or shake roof, and flat roof.
And to further complicate that, you must consider that there are varying grades of shingles (from low end 3 tab shingles and contractor grade shingles to high end premium dimensional architectural shingles). There also are different types of metal roofs (corrugated metal, screw-down exposed fastener and standing seam metal roofs), not to mention that there are different types of metal for your roof: galvalume metal roofs and aluminum roofs, and all of the above come with different price tags.
Likewise with tile and shake roofs there are various types of roofs at different price points. The expense of a new roof is very much dependent on many things.
You must factor in aspects such as the amount of waste a roofing contractor needs to determine when creating a quote. For example, a hip roof with numerous valleys and ridges will generate more waste than a straight gable roof.
We will work with you to get you an affordable roof that does not sacrifice quality of workmanship!

Price vs Cost:

The price of a new roof can be far lower than the cost of a new roof. If your roof is improperly installed and leaks it may cost you more money later. If the roof leaks are extreme, it can cause damage to the interior of your home. If the roofer offers say a 2 year warranty or for any reason is unable or unwilling to honor the warranty, you could get stuck with costly roof repairs or heaven forbid a whole new roof!!

Therefore it is imperative that your roof is of the highest quality, and is installed by a company who not only has a high reputation for putting on a roof correctly without cutting corners, but also has a strong warranty in case of roof failure. And furthermore, if the roofing contractor has special certifications from a roofing materials manufacturer whereby they can offer an upgraded warranty backed not only by the contractor but also by the manufacturer, you have even more lasting peace of mind!

So be sure to keep the above in mind when you are getting your roof estimates. Be sure to check out their online reviews, their licenses with the state, and their certifications with roof material manufacturers before signing that contract and potentially throwing away good money.


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